Art 1

ESMRN is a scientific, non-profit society founded in 1990 and based in Strasbourg.

Art 2

Aims of the society:

Define the role of Magnetic Resonance and other imaging modalities in Neuropediatrics and related pediatric neurosciences

Encourage further development of these techniques

Facilitate the exchange of information among researchers of different disciplines involved in pediatric neurosciences in Europe and non-European countries

Hold a biennial scientific meeting, organized by the actual president, in cooperation with the board members


Art 3

Membership of ESMRN is open to any interested person involved in neuropediatrics, pediatric neuroimaging and brain mapping, and in developmental brain research (human and animal) with special emphasis on structural and functional imaging techniques. It is free of charge.

Art 4

ESMRN business meeting:

the current president invites all board members to a business meeting held during the biennial scientific meeting

the president presents possible candidates for the new biennial presidency and proposes a site for the upcoming ESMRN meeting

the board members elect the new president with the mandate to organize the next biennial scientific meeting

the board members make decisions concerning amendments to or changes of the statutes of ESMRN or dissolution of the society by 2/3 of the present members

the board members elect new members

Art 5

The council of the society shall consist of:

President, term 2 years

Vice-president (past president), term 2 years


6 board members

members at large

The board members support the president in organizing the scientific program of the biennial ESMRN meeting

The biennial meeting is announced by the president based on the decision of the council.