What You Need To Know About Magnetic Resonance

MRI which stands for magnetic resonance imaging of the human body uses a magnetic field that is powerful, a computer and radio waves that produce detailed images associated with inside the body. The images produced are associated with the study of bones, soft tissue, organs, and blood vessels. It is often used for helping to either monitor treatment or diagnose various conditions in the pelvis, abdomen, and chest. For patients that are pregnant, a body MRI is used for safely monitoring the baby.


It is important for patients to let their physician know about any existing health conditions, allergies or recent surgeries. These magnetic fields are not classified as harmful but can cause malfunctions in some forms of medical devices. Most of the orthopedic implants are not at risk, yet it is always important to let the technologist known if there is metal or devices present in the body. The guideline for drinking and eating before the exam varies between facilities. It is important to not wear any jewelry and to wear clothing that is loose and comfortable. For people that suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia, it is usually suggested to take a sedative before the exam.


What Is MRI Of The Body


MRI, which stands for magnetic resonance imaging is a medical test that is non-invasive that doctors use for diagnosing medical conditions. MRI uses powerful magnetic fields and radio-frequency pulses along with a specialized computer that produces pictures that are detailed of the bones, soft tissues, organs and just about any of the other types of internal-body structures. MRI does not involve ionizing radiation which is better known as X-rays.

Detailed magnetic resonance images allow doctors to evaluate and study different areas of the patient’s body in order to determine or diagnose the presence of a specific disease. These images are either examined directly from the computer monitor or they are printed, transmitted electronically or uploaded to digital cloud servers or copied to CDs.


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The Common Uses Of These Procedures


MR imaging known as magnetic resonance imaging used for the human body is usually performed in order to evaluate:


– Organs of the abdomen and chest. This includes the adrenal glands, pancreas, bowel, spleen, kidneys, biliary tract, the liver or the heart.

– The pelvic organs include the bladder, reproductive organs which include ovaries and the uterus in women or the prostate gland found in men.

– The blood vessels which includes the MR Angiography

– Lymph nodes


Doctors use MR examinations to assist in diagnosing or monitoring the treatments for the conditions that include:


– Tumors of the pelvis, abdomen or chest

– Diseases that affect the liver like abnormalities of either the pancreas or bile ducts or cirrhosis of the liver

– The inflammatory-bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis or a common disease known as Crohn’s disease

– Vasculitis which includes either inflammation of blood vessels or malformations associated with blood vessels

– To examine or monitor a fetus inside the womb in a pregnant woman


MRI scanners are especially suitable for imaging the body’s non-bony parts and soft tissues. These are distinct from computed tomography (CT) because they do not use x-ray damaging ionizing radiation. Click this link to know more.